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Join the Beginner to Intermediate League Team – Shake the Rust Off

Have you wanted to come out to the meetup and play at the intermediate level, but you were worried you were a little rusty?

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: https://www.volosports.com/g/60e8be1ec01da4003626e785

Here’s your chance to SHAKE THE RUST OFF!
That’s right! What a terrific opportunity this is! Imagine, you are on a team devoted to re-visiting skills left behind in high school and even college. there’s no judgie stuff here, just an opportunity to come out, play, and get that game back on.

How does it work?
Funny thing you asked. As a regular organizer of Beach Volleyball in NYC, we run many regular games on Saturday and have league teams we create to play at a competitive level. So we were all thinking about how this becomes exclusive and leaves out many people that love the sport but are worried they would not be able to play at the higher levels. Well I have news for you, many people that played in high school and college still have their mojo, they just need some positive people that can play around them to help release it. THAT’S ME and THAT’S US!

What you’ll be doing?
The league plays 6 games per season
The games are 6×6 players
The teams are co-ed and require 2 female players on the court
We come and play the first game to meet one another, at warm-up the captain gets a baseline of player skills and organizes players based on these skills (setters/hitter/blockers/etc…)
We schedule a Saturday game for those that want to play against other better players to develop themselves as needed.


NOTE: Throughout the season we will have drop-in players from the advanced team to help support us and you play. Those players will pass to you and set you. This will help you develop WAY FASTER!


CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: https://www.volosports.com/g/60e8be1ec01da4003626e785

Join the team
Have a great time
Make new friends
Get fixed!
Join higher levels of play with our other groups

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