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Beach Volleyball NYC Community

Year-over-year a group of volleyball players have been meeting at sand volleyball courts across NYC to include Central Park, Pier 25, and Pier 6 in Brooklyn. This has grown to what it is today, a larger robust group of friends that come together during the season to play, hang out, and even party together afterward. It’s causal and inclusive.

If you need a volleyball fix, join up and get connected. All are welcome and there are games for almost every level. This year, 2021, we are developing a beginner training workshop that will provide gameplay at the end.

What’s going on in 2021?:
A new year after COVID-19 stole the last one. Actually, we were out there in August 2020 and honestly, it was terrific. Not very crowded!

In 2021 the group will be creating a full program that includes, in come cases two court days to better accommodate our member base and to break up levels of play so everyone has a great time! Events are being scheduled for spring now! Click here to join so you’re on the notify list!….

First, you should definitely join this site. Though we have enjoyed using Meetup for a couple of years and have 750 members, with the epic failure of WeWork, its failed IPO, and the fleeing CEO Adam Neumann, our participation and their future is unknown.

Our Meetup:


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