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Volo Sports

Volo Sports operates beach volleyball out of Pier 25 Wednesday nights. The league fills quickly. If you want to create a team you need to act quickly as soon as they open the team registration because their generally gone in a day or two. Following a team registration, you will need to fill your team in 10 – 12 days or you forfeit your team or they will merge free-agent players in.

Volleyball Play
Volo Sports has two league options:

A League – More competitive play where their website sites “bump/set/spike” as a means to describe the level of play one might expect. Well, it’s kind of a joke. Players show up that can actually play. Teams are formed by players that can actually play and the result is actually a lot of fun for some and wildly frustrating for others. I would recommend you form your own team in this league and go out for drinks afterwards to wind down frustrations over poor matches. It’s not all that bad but there are some players that should be playing “A” and there is not filter provided by Volo Sports. They should make it more clear. There’s nothing worse then having a team mate that thinks their really good and sucks.

B League – This is the place for the recreational player. If you played in high school seriously, like in a California Coastal high school, go to A League. If you played east coast at a non-competitive school, stick with this league, you’ll be the belle of the ball and have loads of fun.

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