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2023 Winter League Openings: BB or better – January Start

Well, it’s winter in NYC and beach volleyball is on hold until spring. What to do in the meantime? Play indoor league of course!

We have 8 openings for players that can perform at the BB+ level.

Read Our Requirements Below
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2023 Winter Season Details
Per Play Cost: $150.00
The Game: 6×6 Co-Ed Play
Skill Level: BB+ ( we will be ranked at a scrimmage
League: Big City Volleyball
When: January 11th Start
Duration: 3-Months until March
Proposed Pay Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:00pm -11:00pm games
Locations: Around the city in High School Gyms
Our Favorite: High School for Environmental Sciences UWS + others…

About YOU!: Go directly to the application

  • If you played in high school competitively or you played league in high school or college you are encouraged to join.
  • It should go without saying, but here it is anyway, that you can play in all positions as needed when needed.
  • You have to be able to serve the ball consistently and reliably, which should go without saying :).
  •  You need to be fun.
  • You can’t be a quiter and you need to get all scrappy as required when you’re down!
  • You need to be social.
  • If you played in high school in Southern California, you’re probably in!
  • If you played in Brazil in high school you’re probably in!
  • If you know what a 5-1 is you are probably in!
  • If you are an incredible athlete and played massive basketball and are in control of all your appendages, you are in, we can work with that. Basketball cross-over.
  • If you play with the gang on Pier 25, the Beach Volleyball NYC, we probably know each other so you might be in. One warning, this is a more competitive league and the team we are putting together needs to be at a level. If you know you’re at the “level” please join.

There are a million other questions in the application

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