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There are a number of leagues in the city you can start playing with immediately during the season.

Big City – Big City is a quality experience that cares about competition and matching. I trust them myself to match teams and levels though a process they require to evaluate players that arrive as free-agents. This leads to good matches that lead to good friends!

NYC Social – This league is really a social recreational league BUT has an A/B level of play to accommodate matching. Sadly, the organization doesn’t really obey any rules, the rules are loose, and you can end up playing with B players in the A League. If you’re new in town and have no idea how competitive players are here in NYC, join NYC Social, make some friends, feel it all out and if you’re crushing it, go to Big City or Urban.

Non-Beach Shout-out
Urban League – Urban has competitive play and is highly structured. you can go to their clinics and watch players at beginning and intermediate and advanced levels to gauge you place. I wouldn’t recommend playing up in this league, it’ll be uncomfortable. If you’re a real volleyball player looking for some real players to play with, go here.

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