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Beach Volleyball Saturday 8/22/2020 9:00am onward!

As an individual, not as a company or other entity, I invite you to participate in an outdoor beach volleyball get together. This is entirely free and for fun. As a precaution I have prepared a form which is intended to protect participants from the potential to be infected and nothing else.

All participants must bring a mask and wear it while playing at the very least. This is per the parks recommendation and seems reasonable. see rules here: https://www.nycgovparks.org/about/health-and-safety-guide/coronavirus

Beach Volleyball Court at 105th Riverside Park

If you would like to play tomorrow at Riverside Park at 105th st. and the Hudson River please fill out the form below. There are ONLY 12 spots open at this time.

Of course you are welcome to drop in as it’s a public park and all but know that this list helps everyone know you’re honest and legit and don’t have COVID or at least you care enough to let everyone know you don’t have it. It helps us also know you were there.

Disclaimer: This event is “at your own risk”. The questionnaire below helps us know you care about others playing.

I will be there early, like 7:30am or maybe 8:00am, to stake out the court and setup the net. I have a ball, more balls are better. I’ll have disinfecting wipes for the balls as needed.

We’ll run from 9:00am until whenever. Bring water and sunblock and if you wish a beach chair.

If something happens and the courts are already take, which in my experience should not be the case at 8:00am, adding your cell number to the form below will help me message out fast.



We need your name so your on the list of players and you get to play. If you don’t show, we will remove your name and allow others to play in your place.
We ask for this in the event there is a problem with acquiring the court and also for contact tracing should that be needed.
We’ll use this to reach out if we have an issue acquiring the court. You should also provide your cell/SMS number as it’s faster.
So we can better match our teams so everyone has a good time, tell us a little about your volleyball skill level

COVID Questions

Please answer the questions below honestly! We all want to have fun but do so safely!

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