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Free: Upper West Side Volleyball Meetup

What a great group. I had the pleasure of playing beach volleyball in Riverside Park with these guys yesterday and had a wonderful time!

Link to Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/upper-west-side-volleyball-meetup

When: Monday – Friday @ 5:00pm (can vary signup on meetup)

The people I played with varied in ability and rating. Some are B/BB others have never played before. Despite the mix, the hosts do an excellent job of keeping play lively with challenge court style play and team mix ups every full challenge court cycle. Through this process, I ended up with some really fun players, like Byron and Rafael.

The group is highly. inclusive and supportive of new players.

One additional super feature of this location is the restaurant and bar adjacent to the courts. Yes, that’s right! You. can play here for free and then buy a beer or get some food if your hungry.

Beach Volleyball Court
Riverside Park
Monkey Rings NYC

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