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Oh no, it’s not happening in phase #3

Hi everyone!

Phase three of New York’s reopening is on track to arrive with a bang on July 6. No love for volleyball players it seems.

Here we are in July in the 100+ days of pandemic hell. I say hell, as we all watch our beloved summer of beach volleyball slip away while we wear our masks and site. On a positive note, the state is reversing the course of deaths and the mask is working.

This brings us to the current issue at hand. Though the city has said it will open courts within parks, this doesn’t help volleyball players. You can shoot hoops by yourself, you can throw a frisbee or football between two people (I think), but even though the volleyball courts are “open” you cannot actually play volleyball. At least this is what is suggested by terms like “high-risk”.

I looked around for exact guidance from the state and the nearest I found was not from the state but from Timeout NYC. Now they are not an authority but they do tend to do their research. Here is a quote:

NYC Parks is also reopening dog runs, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, handball courts and bocce courts. (Organized team sports and group play remain high-risk activities and will not be permitted, however, so you’ll have to play solo for a bit.)

Timeout NYC

Also in Phase 3, outdoor recreation like basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball and soccer can resume as the city reinstalls nets and goals at city-run facilities.


“Phase three will … be the time when we start up again a lot of sports and recreation activity in our parks,” de Blasio said at a press conference. “That’s going to be great for all New Yorkers.”

Bill de Blasio

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