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NYC SOCIAL Tournament 7/20 – No Community Volleyball

The Good News:
We have a team created for the tournament! YEAH! If you look forward to playing on Saturday and want to play you can join the team: “Pier 25 Local Talent”

The Bad News:
As I understand it, there will be no community volleyball this coming weekend as there is a NYC Social Tournament. The cost to join as a player is $40.00 which is kinda steep. You do get a t-shirt, drinks, snacks and to feel good because a portion of the proceeds go to kids programs!

There’s no pressure, I created the team because last year I SHOWED UP and was locked out. I tried to sub for a team and couldn’t. It sucked. So this year, to at least lock in the opportunity, I created a team when the opened the opportunity.

The tournament guarantees at least 2 games per team. You need to win to progress. I can’t speak for the competition but I can say that many of us play together often and we may do better that many other teams.

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