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NYC Social Beach Volleyball Starts April

Though the winter was mild and did not suck that much, winter still prevented our toes from reaching the sands of our local beach volleyball courts.

There was a a day, you may remember, in December when out fo no where the temperature reached 72 degrees. I called Pier 25 and asked if a court could be opened but was denied! Oh Well.

Both sports and social league spring seasons begin in April. you can expect the season to be a big crazy with unpredictable weather. It’s a bit of a gamble in general. Given the mild winter, I’m better on a mild/excellent spring. Spring is funny, if it works in your favor, you’re a genius for signing up and having a Wednesday night game, if the weather sucks, we’ll you get a couple good days before summer starts. That’s just how it goes.

We have a team created in the “A” league which is more competitive with teams that have played together for a couple seasons generally. We have 6 spaces open for Intermediate players. There are gender rules in this league that refer to numbers of females specifically, all are welcome but we need to balance the team for this reason. The cost to join is $120.00

If you do not provide your phone below then we need your email to send the link to games we create so you can sign up.
If you provide a phone number we can text you when games are available. We will NEVER abuse the privilege, promise and you can opt-out any time.
Please select what most accurately describes your level of play so we can match you to the games we create within the group

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