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A Beach Volleyball Coronavirus Post

Today Bill de Blasio announced that New York City is in a State of Emergency. Fortunately, the beach volleyball season doesn’t start until next month, which is good because we need this virus cleared out so it doesn’t ruin our fun.

This post is more about marking history then it is about volleyball.

Something that happened this evening:

  • The FreshDirect website and app crashed as people swarmed to buy supplies. In fact the local grocery was ransacked too.
  • I thought about fleeing
  • I bought an Oxygen Concentrator, a devise used to treat old smokers. It creates 95% O2. I bought it in case I cant get a hospital bed fast enough to save my life!
  • I PLAYED in the finals last night in SOHO at St. Pats. We came in 4th place

Stay healthy out there and get ready to play this summer. It should be in the heard by then and calmed down.

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